Genes under Selection in Tumors

Predict oncogenes (OGs), tumor suppressor genes (TSGs) and passenger genes (PGs) using somatic SNVs detected in a collection of tumors. It can classify single genes from targeted sequencing or multiple genes from whole-exome sequencing.

  • Distinguish not only drivers and passengers, but OGs vs. TSGs as well.
  • Account for contextual differences specific to the samples.
  • Quantify directional somatic selections to reduce false positive discoveries.
  • R implementation of the GUST algorithm is available at
  • A database of pre-computed GUST classification of genes in 33 cancer types from the TCGA Project is available at

Chandrashekar P, Ahmadinejad N, Wang J, Sekulic A, Egan JB, Asmann YW, Kumar S, Mayley C, Liu L (2019) Somatic Selection Distinguishes Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes. Bioinformatics.