Assistant Professor, College of Health Solutions, Biodesign Institute, Center for Personalized Diagnostics, Arizona State University



Dr. Liu is an assistant professor of Biomedical Informatics and the director of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at Arizona State University. She is also an affiliated assistant professor at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. She holds an M.D. degree in Medicine and an M.S. degree in Information System. As a trained clinician and a bioinformatics researcher, she fully appreciates the critical roles genomic medicine and bioinformatics play in advancing precision medicine. By integrating genomic, phylogenetic, population genetic, statistical and machine-learning techniques, Dr. Liu and her research team investigate clinical and molecular signatures of human diseases, and develop novel computational methods to discover biomarkers for early diagnosis and accurate prediction of therapeutic responses for individual patients. Before joining ASU, Dr. Liu helped build and directed the bioinformatics core facility at University of Florida.

  • 1999, M.D. in Medicine, Peking Union Medical College
  • 2001, M.S. in Information System, New Jersey Institute of Technology